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Nerd For Tech — Community Updates | Week 3


Series of Content
  1. What happened in the last week?

  2. What challenges did we face?

  3. What positives did we experience?

  4. What’s the plan for this week?

What happened in the last week?

  1. As a student/learner, what’s there for you at Nerd For Tech? We have written a small blog post to discuss how you can develop your skills while associating with the community. Here’s a complete blog post.

  2. We have started a soft skills club in our community. The whole motive is to create an environment around networking, learning, collaboration, where anyone can speak & shape the complete personality. Here’s a complete blog post.

What challenges did we face?

  1. We got some responses from professionals who want to join the community as Experts. We followed the general structure to onboard them & ask them to get on a call to know each other & how we can contribute to the community. But we didn’t get any response back on LinkedIn/Mail from the past 4 days.

  2. It’s really difficult to give responsibilities to the community members, as people are not showing the responsible side of them.

What positives did we experience?

  1. We’re getting new ideas & are slowly implementing them in the community. Our faith is getting stronger day by day on building a strong community around practical learning & collaboration.

  2. Arnold Abraham, who’s an experienced Software Developer, has given really important inputs to make the ELA initiative more strong & effective. We’re very grateful to him for investing his time & energy.

What’s the plan for this week?

  1. To release the processes & plan to implement the events in our soft skills club at Slack community.

  2. To work on a process to host the weekly QnAs with professionals.

  3. To structure the learning resources on the web.

  4. To iterate over the design of ELA. We want to make it more efficient to showcase what objective we’re trying to achieve while implementing ELA.

If you have any suggestions or ideas or feedback. Don’t hesitate & get in touch via mail( or DM us over LinkedIn or join our slack community & send a message in the #02_suggestions channel.

Cheers! Team Nerd For Tech Linkedin | Website | Medium | YouTube | Slack Community | Twitter | Instagram | Mail

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