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As a Student/Learner, what’s there for you at Nerd For Tech?

Let us give you an idea about us. How did we start & how’s our journey been so far?

We started as a Medium Publication in June 2020, now we’re an Educational Media House with a vision to create a strong culture around Collaboration & Practical Learning. Our journey till now —

  • LinkedIn Community — 6.9K Members who believe in our vision.

  • Medium Publication — 4.5K Writers, 7.1K Readers, 15K Unique Daily Visitors, where writers are sharing wisdom with the world.

  • The Real Talk Show — Original podcast series where we have interviewed 25+ guests, some were Optical Engineers from NASA, Software Engineers from Google, Mechanical Design Engineer from Tesla, A Global Product Design lead from Netflix

  • Slack Community Space — A place where you can find professionals from Data, Software & other professions with years of experience always ready to guide you. A place where you can connect with other peers as well.

  • Check out our website to get the complete picture —

Now it’s really important to know what’s our vision is, what we care about, what’s a problem we’re working on & how as a Student/Learner do you fit in this?

Here’s a little story that might ring a bell. In school, when you used to work hard to learn something, what was that drive which pushed you to do that… It’s getting a Good Grade in the exams, right?

When you came to college, what was that drive which pushed you to learn any skills… It’s getting a Certificate for a resume & at the end to get a Job.

Imagine for a second, If Nikola Tesla (A Serbian Inventor, Electrical Engineer) would have worked hard to just get a job, then we might be sitting here in the dark. Read about Nikola Tesla, if you didn’t get this reference.

The whole point is, we all are wired in such a way, that we should not use our brain, we should always blindly learn skills with a motive to get a job. Some of you might say — “Hey, I think it’s really important to get a job, that’s how we’re supposed to make money & living out of it”

You’re right, we agree. But doing something because someone told you, not using your brain, & not thinking about using skills to do something meaningful by solving a real-world problem, do you think if everybody has taken this path, we might not have advanced organizations like NASA?

If all the scientists who discovered cancer medicine, or invented aero planes or automobiles, we might be living in the woods.

If all the scientists who discovered cancer medicine, or invented aeroplanes or automobiles, we might be living in the woods.

Now, It’s enough of our philosophical talk. Let’s look at the Solution, the culture we’re working on.

Look, most of the best resources are available on the web for free. By resources we don’t mean only the course material, there are human resources as well, there are professionals out there who’re more than happy to guide you for free, there are learners, who’re looking for passionate folks like you to get involved with on some projects or solutions.

There are communities (Product School, Clever Programmer, FreeCodeCamp.Org) that are working hard to get you in touch with some of the best minds in the world.

You can get in touch with people from Google, Amazon & other giants & ask them questions.

At Nerd For Tech, we’re taking such cultures to the next level. Before we move forward, let me tell you, this community is a Non For Profit, & we’re doing all these to give back to the community.

We have started an initiative called ELA. Sounds like a weird name, but it’s a cycle around Explore-> Learn -> Apply. You can read more about it in detail here. Check out this process in action here.

Let me tell you what you can do while being a part of this culture at Nerd For Tech. We have created a community space over Slack, so you don’t have to go anywhere in order to communicate with other peers & the professionals who have volunteered to guide you.

You can find different cultures for different domains (Data Science, Software Engineering & more) in which you’re interested, where you can get engage with others, explore & learn skills from the free resources we have structured for you, you can ask questions from the community, work on real-world problems not just projects in a team, in case you face any issues, we’ll get you in touch with the professionals from the industry.

We’ll get everything for you as a community, all you have to do is to Explore, Learn & then Apply your skills as a tool to solve real-world problems.

If you have any suggestions or ideas or feedback. Don’t hesitate & get in touch via mail( or DM us over LinkedIn or join our slack community & send a message in the #02_suggestions channel over slack.

Cheers! Team Nerd For Tech Linkedin | Website | Medium | YouTube | Slack Community | Twitter | Instagram | Mail

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