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Nerd For Tech — Community Updates | Week 1

29/11/2021 - 05/12/2021

Series of Content
  1. What happened in the last week?

  2. What challenges did we face?

  3. What positives did we experienced?

  4. What’s the plan for this week?

What happened in the last week

We decided to implement a framework called ELA. It was back in our minds for a long time but didn’t get a chance to apply.

In a nutshell, we formed a body called “Board of Advisors”, who will act as a “captain of the Ship” for Nerd For Tech. We’ll try to onboard experienced professionals in our Board of Advisors.

The next body we formed was “Experts”. Since we need professionals, individuals who want to guide, share their learnings & help newbies in their respective areas of interest & expertise.

Experts could also be a learner since fundamentally we all are learners in some way irrespective of our age & profession.

To organize a community & all the engagements, we decided to create an official community space over Slack. Join the community space — here.

Multiple channels have been created for different domains, where learners can engage with the experts & we want to create a healthy environment around learning, collaboration & practical implementation.

There are two private channels for Board of Advisors & Experts respectively to engage with them at a common place.

If you want to know more about the ELA & the problem statement in detail, check out this blog — here.

What Challenges did we face?

  1. We faced a little resistance while communicating with the Experts & Board of Advisors. We posted the framework & asked them their inputs, but didn’t really got any reply from the majority.

  2. We’re facing a little resistance while creating a structure for resources. This is the first phase of the ELA process, where our objective is to structure the best available resources of different domains for newbies.

What positives did we experienced?

  1. 4 & 5 professionals has joined Board Of Advisors & Experts group respectively. This showcases that some of the experienced minds do believe in our problem & mission statement.

  2. A 14 year old learner, who’s very interested in web development has built a YouTube clone & sharing his experience on the slack community. Slowly community members are trying to engage with other peers.

What’s the plan for this week?

  1. To structure the learning resources for Software Development, AI & Data Science with the help of Experts.

  2. Setup the whole ELA process & community info on the website.

  3. To brainstorm the ideas to make a culture around practical learning & collaboration.

If you have any suggestions or ideas or feedback. Don’t hesitate & get in touch via mail( or DM us over LinkedIn or join our slack community & send a message in #02_suggestions channel.

Cheers! Team Nerd For Tech Linkedin | Website | Medium | YouTube

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