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Our Story

Started as a Medium Publication in June 2020, now we’re an Educational Media House with a vision to create a strong culture where experienced professionals are guiding newbies, while newbies are applying their skills as a tool in the real world while collaborating with others.


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Problem Statement

That's our urge to solve...

These days the major drive behind learning a skill is to get a job or to get good grades. This leads to mediocrity since the majority of the students don't know how they can apply their skills as a tool to solve real-world problems or to design solutions in the real world. There's no strong collaboration culture, where like-minded beings are collaborating to apply their skills as a tool.


Since to design a solution to a problem, there is a requirement of expertise from multiple areas. We have observed a lack of collaborative ecosystem, culture, where after learning a certain amount of skills, students can start applying them with others to a product or some kind of solution.

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A Cycle around ELA (Explore -> Learn -> Apply)

A Cycle via which a newbie who is unknown to fields can start Exploring, after realizing his/her interest & curiosity, they can start Learning & once have reached to a certain level, they can start Applying the skills with other peers as a tool to solve real-world problems.


Our team

We have designed 3 teams where you can join us as a Volunteer. This is a non for profit initiative by Nerd For Tech.

- Board of Advisors

- Experts

- Community Member

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