How can professionals around the world support novice with their experience and skillsets?

If you’re a professional and have a strong desire to guide a novice in your respective domains, then join us as an Expert.


  • After you've completed the form below, our team will review your profile and add you to our Slack group.

  • When we receive a request from a beginner, we'll send the question to you, and you may provide us with the answer, as well as any additional resources that would be useful.

  • A professional can answer a question in both Text and Video format. According to us, in this context guiding someone is really easy while speaking. Obviously, there are dynamics and text can be a better option in some cases. 

  • Check out our community tab to see the answers answered by professionals in both text and video format.

  • In some scenarios, a novice may like to meet a professional; we'll inform you and, if you're available, we'll arrange a small meeting according to your schedule.

  • We want to make this process as efficient as possible, so we'll make sure that you receive at max 2 queries a week. 

  • If you have any questions, please see the FAQs below.

  • Contact Us, in case you have any queries or suggestions. We'd love to hear from you. 

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  Q. Will a professional earn any money through this initiative?

  A. Not really, because Ask-NFT is a Non Profit initiative and we're not charging any money from any novice.

  Q. What type of questions do you think a professional will be asked?

  A. Novices may face questions such as applying theoretical knowledge to real-world problems, or they may require career or other types of guidance in any domain. In such situations, a professional is the best person to guide a novice.

​  Q. What if I don't want to answer a question in some cases?

  A. There's no problem at all. You can let us know at the moment or as soon as possible.  

  Q. What if, I don't want to schedule a meeting?

  A. It's perfectly fine. You can let us know at the moment or as soon as possible.