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What problems are we trying to solve with this initiative?

We seek to interrupt a global positive loop of ineffective education culture. People's education is restricted to grades and they do not utilise their talents in the actual world. The majority of us are waiting for someone to assign us work in which we can put our skills to use. Whether it's real-world problems like terrorist attacks, rapes, accidents, or pandemics, or outdated technology. Every problem is solvable. 

A novice in any field seldom wonders about questions like, “where to begin”, “what exactly should I learn”, “are there any easier ways of doing it” etc. Not only novice, sometimes even people with vast amounts of knowledge find it difficult to apply their skills in the real world.

About Ask-NFT


We'll connect a novice with a professional where a novice can ask any questions and our professionals will give their best to guide a novice. 


A novice can even connect with a professional for 15-20 mins and make the best out of it. 

Check out the process and the possible answers to the questions a professional might have.

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