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Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Our Journey -

Started as a Medium Publication in June 2020, now we’re an Educational Media House with a vision to create a strong culture around Collaboration & Practical Learning.

We imagine an ecosystem of Professionals around the world who are Steering the Wheel of a Novice Learning Journey, a culture where Learners are collaborating with other peers while using skills as a tool to solve real-world problems. Our Current Status -

  • LinkedIn Community — 6.9K Members who believe in our vision.

  • Medium Publication — 4.5K Writers, 7.1K Readers, 15K Unique Daily Visitors, where writers are sharing wisdom with the world.

  • The Real Talk Show — Original podcast series where we have interviewed 25+ guests, some were Optical Engineers from NASA, Software Engineers from Google, Mechanical Design Engineer from Tesla, A Global Product Design lead from Netflix

  • Slack Community Space — A place where you can find professionals from Data, Software & other professions with years of experience always ready to guide you. A place where you can connect with other peers as well.

  • Check out our website to get the complete picture —

Problem Statement we're working as a Community -

These days the major drive behind learning a skill is to get a job or to Get Good Grades.

This leads to mediocrity since the majority of the students don’t know how they can apply their skills as a tool to solve real-world problems or to design solutions in the real world.

There’s no strong collaboration culture, where like-minded beings are collaborating to apply their skills as a tool.

Students don't know how to ask for help, they hesitate to ask for help. That's why we want to open a door for the professionals, who don't have much time to create content, but somewhere they have a drive to helps others.

To design a solution to any problem, there is a requirement of expertise from multiple areas. We have observed a lack of collaborative ecosystem, culture, where after learning a certain amount of skills, a Novice can start applying them with others to a Product or to some kind of Solution.

Solution to this Problem (Explore -> Learn -> Apply) -

We have created a framework called ELA. A Cycle via which a newbie who is unknown to fields can start Exploring, after realizing his/her interest & curiosity, they can start Learning & once have reached to a certain level, they can start Applying the skills with other peers as a tool to solve real-world problems.

Your Role as an Expert -

This is an Initial framework & in the process, we’ll be iterating over to make things more efficient & effective.

  1. Structuring the Information for Exploring & Learning phase — Since the web is full of information & others are generating lots of valuable content. We don’t have to generate anything. We just have to structure the information for the newbies in different domains. We’ll be having a group of experts for example Data Science. Then together we can bring the best free learning resources & structure them from Beginner to Advance.

  2. Guiding the Newbies in Exploring, Learning & Applying Phase — We firmly believe in a self-learning process. As an Expert, you don’t have to teach them anything. They’ll be having all the resources, so your role would be to Steer the Wheel of their journey. There are separate channels corresponding to different Domains & professions on our Slack community space. In case any newbie finds a problem, then they can post them in the respective Slack channels. This will be there exploring & learning (Stage I) phase. Once they have reached Learning Stage I, where they have basic knowledge & understanding, from there we can put them into groups with other 4 newbies whose area of interest could be different, & then they can brainstorm on a problem, learn how to approach a problem, validation, designing a solution & implementing. This process could be a much better way to learn than simply learning stuff. While as an Expert, if you want, you can mentor a group of 5 newbies as well.

Your Roles as an Expert in a nutshell — Well things are flexible over here, since we all are working in a collaboration, so in case you want to take a break or leave, we respect your decision. We don’t want any work or time commitment.

All we want is to create a strong drive in all of us to work for a common vision.

  1. One time work while designing a structure and accumulating resources. If we have already done this by the time you join us, then you can check out the structure & can give your feedback to make it more efficient.

  2. Steering the Wheel of Newbies journey in an ELA process with other professionals in a Slack channel.

  3. Mentoring a group of 5 newbies, once they are ready to Apply & Learn (Stage II) after Exploring — Learning Stage I (Optional, It’s totally on you)

This is a Non For Profit community & we do not charge any penny with anyone. We also not expect to have any commitments, since we want to drive you naturally who're looking to making an impact. Even a small contribution can make a huge impact.

Check out the ELA in action - Here

Fill out this form, if you’re interested to join us as an Expert. We're looking forward to solving a problem, which we all have faced at some point in our life. Cheers!

Team Nerd For Tech

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