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Nerd For Tech — Board of Advisors & Experts

At Nerd For Tech, we have decided to form two bodies who can lead the community as “Board of Advisors” & “Experts”.

  1. What’s the purpose & what will be their role while serving as a Board of Advisors & Experts?

  2. What exactly Nerd For Tech is, and what problems are we solving?

Well, the problem is pretty complex & it’s around education. We don’t know where to start, but we’ll try our best.

Education is one of the most crucial elements of human life just like food & water, & it’s accessible for free to everyone, thanks to the Internet & to all those people who are regularly pushing their experiences over the web.

Still, students, novices, learners are struggling, because there is pressure to get a job. We are wired to educate ourselves so that we can get a job. We know it’s important, but should not be the driving force. Or maybe we should look at a job from a different angle.

The whole point is if someone is not enjoying a process of learning or applying the skills in the real world then the job & the learning process will become a burden.

We at Nerd For Tech firmly believe in a process of ELA (Explore-> Learn -> Apply).

Fundamentally, we must explore different fields, then we should learn if we find something interesting about that domain, & at last, we must apply our skills & expertise in the real world, not just to earn money but to give value to the world & in return we all receive a universal value called Money.

So what’s the problem are we solving at Nerd For Tech?

Well, we’re solving a human problem. Our learning culture at Nerd For Tech is focused on creating a collaborative environment, where experienced can channelize their wisdom while guiding novices.

We inspire learners to learn a skill set not just to get a grade or a job but to apply a skill in the real world.

Now here comes the role of our Board of Advisors to nurture the community, since these folks have years of experience in Industry & Life.

The role of experts would be to guide learners in the ELA process. We don’t expect anyone to create content or teach, we just want them to guide learners in the process. It’s like guiding a Steering Wheel while driving a car.

Everything is available on the web & regularly evolving.

In the ELA process, a group of learners may face some issues while finding the right resource or maybe they can face problems in the process of applying.

There could be personal or emotional issues, we just want to build a culture, where learners don’t have to pay a penny, but they can find a very strong culture.

As a member of Experts, your area of expertise could be any domain. We have Tech in our name, but education is just not limited to technology.

Here’s a form you can fill out if you want to lead our community.

You can also write us ( in case of any queries or join us over our community space or connect with us over LinkedIn in case of any concern or suggestions or ideas.

Just a few points before you join us as a Member.

  1. It’s a Non for Profit Initiative, we don’t charge any penny from anyone.

  2. There’s no pressure to commit, we understand you have your own life & job.

  3. How much you want to involve, it’s completely on you.

Looking forward to having you on our board & will try our best to make an impact in the world.

Join our Community Space — Here


Team Nerd For Tech

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