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Sakshi Chaudhary

Application Development Analyst

Sakshi is working at Accenture and has 2 years of experience working on Mobile and Web applications. She is skilled in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Reactjs, and React Native. She loves the process of learning and sharing. 

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Aashray Saini

Data Scientist

Aashray is a Data Scientist at HP with a focus on product analytics. He likes exploring data and mining insights. He works extensively on python, SQL, stats, data visualization and AWS cloud. Prior to that, he was a Big Data engineer for 2 years. He likes technology in general

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Bhavika Jain

Tech Leaders Fellow | Graduate Research Scholar at Purdue University

Bhavika is currently pursuing the Plaksha Tech Leaders Fellowship with a major in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at Plaskha University in association with SCET, UC Berkeley. As a part of the fellowship, she is doing her capstone at Design Engineering Lab at Purdue University. Her proposed research work aims at operationalizing the real-time group decisions in design teams and in socio-technical environments using Natural Language Understanding. 

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Ravi Ranjan

Data Scientist

Currently, Ravi is working as a Data Science Consultant at HRS Group where he is implementing PII tokenization from scratch as per guidelines under GDPR compliance.

His prior work experience includes working as a Data Scientist at Ank Aha where he maintained various ETLs and generated ML models for the company. He generated a scrapper by combining game development and data scraping approach that saved overall time by 94%. He also formulated a custom India map generator using a hierarchical agglomerative clustering approach from scratch that helped to find the dense region in an optimized way leading to a reduction of overall cost by 80%.

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Alkesh Ghorpade

Senior Software Engineer

I am working as a Senior Software Engineer at Saeloun. I love solving tech issues and programming challenges. I have around 9 years of experience in Ruby on Rails and Golang. I love contributing to open source projects. In my free time, I love coding on various programming platforms and optimizing code. I love playing all sorts of indoor and outdoor sports like Table tennis, Badminton, Football, Cricket etc.

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Andrew Praveen

Technical Lead at RedBlocks Technologies

I'm in the Software Development industry since 2006, and now working as a Senior Tech Lead at Fully interested in Web Applications mostly Used Opensource PHP in the development age. But now I am handling more technical kinds of stuff in the Industry. Also been a lecturer in famous affiliated university colleges in Sri Lanka. I usually teach Programming related subjects industrial oriented subjects. With my all experiences I am learning and teaching as well.

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Duy Bui

iOS Manager at

Duy Bui is currently working at Everfit, a Silicon Valley start-up. He has worked in the software industry for over 6 years and has held a variety of positions (from Quality Assurance to software engineer manager).

He aspires to be a product manager with a strong technical foundation, using his strengths, abilities, and values in communication, management, and orientation.

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Deepak V

 Software Engineer at CAST

An Enthusiastic Software Engineer with deep expertise in JavaScript, React and Redux with more than 2.5 years of experience. I thrive to understand in-depth knowledge of technologies. I am very passionate about sharing my learning’s with everyone.

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Aaditya Srivastava

SWE-2 at Q2 Holdings

Aaditya Srivastava is from Kanpur, India. He works as a Software Engineer 2 at Bengaluru-based Q2 E-Banking. Prior to that, he worked as a Software Engineer for Microsoft in Hyderabad for four years after graduating from IIIT Allahabad.

His areas of interest include: Software Engineering, Mentoring: Life at an MNC, personal values, professional discourse, and personal brand building, Volunteer Work,  MBA study preparation and process, Blogging, Talking about philosophy, mental health, and history

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Mohamed Hijazi

Unity Developer

Mohamed is a self-taught and avid Unity Developer. He has been strongly at it for 3 years now, currently working in the GameDevHq Program and trying to master Unity2D / Unity3D and C# language with a touch of experience in Unity Editors. "Every new task excites me," he says.

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Manvitha K

MSc. in Data Science | Business Intelligence Developer

Currently, Data science Masters student, trying to make sense of this world and add value to it using math and data. Worked for 3 years as a Business Analyst trying to make business processes efficient. I enjoy finding real-life implementations related to whatever I am trying to learn. Love exploring AI, math, behavioural economics, psychology and philosophy. When I find some time, I travel, code, write or read! Always ready for a conversation on data science for good topics! A strong believer in the power of asking the right questions (Especially to data)! All Knowledge Is Connected To All Other Knowledge. The Fun Is In Making The Connections. -Arthur Aufderheide

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Mohamed Yaseen Mohamed Ameenanvitha 

Software QE Lead at Sysco LABS

I am Mohamed Yaseen and currently working as Quality Engineering Lead at Sysco Labs Sri Lanka. As a skilled and highly educated professional with more than 8 years of testing experience, I am confident of my ability to make a significant contribution to any organization. I am a software test lead with strong technical knowledge and my strengths are great problem-solving skills, strong analytical skills, strong attention to detail, strong verbal and written communication skills, disagree diplomatically, active listening skills, negotiation skills, foresee potential issues and risks. I have strong knowledge of all kinds of software testing and tools including and manual with automation.

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Pramod Kumar

AVP Tech at MyShubhLife

Pramod is the AVP Technology at MyShubhLife and is a tech enthusiast. He's tried and failed to develop several products, but he's never given up! His main purpose is to assist farmers. He's worked with Python, Java, JavaScript, and Go.

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Salil Gupta

Senior Mobile Application Engineer @Nagarro

A budding and aspiring engineer. With a passion for developing state-of-the-art mobile and web applications. Currently, adept with React Native(iOS/Android) & React JS but always looking out for more. The one who always thinks of innovating. With the motto - "Customer Value, Always strive to an AHA from the customer.

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Samruddhi Mhatre

Lead Machine Learning Engineer @Omdena

A Lead Machine Learning Engineer at Omdena and a Data Science Research contributor in the April 2021 Data Study Group at the Alan Turing Institute and studying Reinforcement Learning offered by Alan Turing Institute's Summer School.


I love the fact that Machine Learning and Data Science have the power to use data to solve real-world problems that can contribute in making lives easier and better, and this thought motivates me to explore more about the domain. And when l  am not coding or learning l enjoy reading novels and exploring outer space (and taking pictures of the sky)! 

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Paulo Silveira

Product Manager @Conta Simples

My name is Paulo, and I've liked tech since I was a kid and used to mess around on my grandpa's computer every weekend. Sometime after that, when I was 15 years old, I learned programming and the rest is history... In 2019, I dropped out of college (I was studying economics at the time) and moved to São Paulo to work with what I like the most: tech! Since then, I've worked with advertising technology (ad tech) and urban mobility, re-enrolled in college to study software development and "found myself" (career-wise) in financial technology (fintech). Oh, I also love to write about technology, data science, finance and economics in my spare time.

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