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Frequently Asked Questions

Do the writers get paid by Medium for submitting their articles?

The monetization scheme of medium depends on how long members spend reading your story and how much of their monthly reading time members spend on your story. This monetization scheme of Medium varies from country to country. Countries like India, Brazil still don’t have a Medium Partner Program that allows writers to monetize their articles. Check out this link for more information.

Do NFT also make money by publishing articles?

NFT does not earn any money by hosting articles of writers. The sole purpose of our publication is to help the writers get a wide and good audience who are interested in reading their articles. Since we also push articles from our LinkedIn communities so that the writers can get a trusted reader base and which eventually develops a writer into their own personal brand.

What are the rights a writer holds after publishing an article with a publication?

Whenever writers publish their articles through a publication, all the rights related to the article are reserved by the writer. The writers can remove their article from the publication as and when they want to. The publications don’t have any rights over these articles.

Are there any points that need to be kept in mind while writing and publishing an article?

The article should be free from any kind of plagiarism and should be your own work. Use images from Unsplash. In case if you are using images from another website, properly mention the source of the image.

How can I become a writer for the publication?

You simply complete out this form, and you will be added as a writer and receive an email with all instructions within 24 hours.

Once I've been added as a writer, how can I submit articles?

You can follow this link to know the complete process.

Can I submit my old articles as well?

Yes, Ofcourse! You can submit it and our editorial team will review it in 24-36 hours.